August 23rd - Club BBQ & the Randomeur...

Where are WE going this weekend? Keep this to Ythan runs only please.

August 23rd - Club BBQ & the Randomeur...

Postby Don » Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:03 am

As seen on Facebook...

The club BBQ will be held on August 23rd, probably in the luxurious surroundings of the club's container at the Meadows. But while the ribs are smoking on the Ythan BBQ, we have something a little different to replace the club run. By the time you've finished this, you'll have earned your double bacon cheeseburger with!

The Ythan Cycle Club

A navigational challenge for roadies (and ‘crossers).

Based on a Trailquest event format (the thinking man’s MTB race), the YCC Randomeur will challenge participants to plot a route around local roads, visit as many control points as possible and getting back to base inside a fixed time limit. Participate either solo or as a pair; demonstrate your skills with an OS map and prove your superior knowledge of the local byways…

Here’s how it works:
  • The event lasts for four hours, during which time you’ll need to be self sufficient (i.e., dress appropriately for the weather and take some food!).
  • You’ll need the OS Landranger sheet 30, covering Fraserburgh, Peterhead & Ellon, and need to know what to do with a 6 digit grid reference. ... eferences/
  • At the start, you’ll be given a list of control point grid references, a points value for each control and somewhere to write down a code number from each control visited. Each grid reference marks the location of a control, and each control will be worth a set number of points. Easy to reach, nearby controls will be worth less points than those which are further afield and more of a challenge to reach.
  • You’ll then need to use the grid references to mark each control on the map, and plot a route to reach as many of them as you can within the four hour time limit. It is recommended that you invest enough time in planning to end up with an efficient route which is within your capability to complete inside the time limit. This event will reward canny route planning at least as much as it does physical fitness!
  • When you reach a control location, you’ll be looking for a control marker (will include a picture of the control marker, just as soon as we've figured out how to make them up). On the control marker is a code number; write that code number down in the appropriate place on the score sheet.
  • When you return to the start point again, hand in your score sheet to have the the collected code numbers verified and the scores added up…

Points for each control are added up to give a total score. Although there are no extra points for finishing early, a tie on points will be decided in favour of the team returning first.

You’ll lose points for returning late - so you’ll quickly appreciate the value of good route planning if you find yourself 20k away from base with 30 minutes on the clock and the wind in your face!

The only prizes are bragging rights! You’ll proudly be able to claim that you’ve done something almost entirely useless better than anyone else who tried to do the same useless thing. And it’ll be at least a year before anyone can dispute that.

The Rules.

  • All competitors must be paid up members of the Ythan Cycle Club
  • Entrants may compete solo, or as pairs.
  • Pairs entries must remain together throughout the event; “together” in this context meaning within voice contact (but club members will know that maximum advantage is gained from drafting mere inches apart!).
  • Any Junior rider entering the event must do so as paired with a senior rider.
  • In the interests of safety, the following roads are deemed out of bounds and your route must not include any stretch of the following roads:
  • - The A90
  • - The A952 north of the Toll of Birness
  • - The A497 north of Oldmeldrum
  • All competitors will obey the Highway Code at all times, ride courteously with due consideration for other road users and not bring the Club into disrepute.
  • All competitors must report to the finish, even if retiring early (so that we don’t have to send someone out to look for you later).
  • Competitors returning to the finish after their deadline will have penalty points deducted from their overall score as follows:
  • - 1 to 5 minutes late: 5 point penalty per minute
  • - 10 to 30 minutes late: 10 point penalty per minute
  • - over 30 minutes late: Loss of ALL points
  • The judges decision is final.
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